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Current Status

This post is to help keep everyone abreast of what's happening! Everything written down here is considered current. If someone's done something that affects the station as a whole, comment here and we'll add it to the info.

Ansible communication:Currently open to AntivesuvioXestsemon and Geldeheim. Feel free to open a communication to either planet. Just put "[character name] calling [planet name]" in the subject line in an <user name="entangleme"> post.
Current Destination:To be decided by vote.
Current Location:In orbit around Bhor and Planck 
Department Heads:Currently all NPCs. Contact mods to have your character run for office.
Engineering/Maintenance:Enterprise saucer nearly completely destroyed by Fay'lia attack. Holodeck  
memory banks being moved to regular computer network. 

Babel Fishes phased out in favor of shabby magitech machine translators that imitate their design. They go in your ear and are reprogrammable with a little remote control wand. They're a cheap ripoff of the design Fay'lia officials use.
General Supplies:After an initial accident making it only produce twinkies for a short while, the station's alchemical food-creation array has been augmented with arcano-machinery that produces food based on the dreams of the people on the station. A backup supply of canned and boxed food is filling in for when the system comes up with undesirable results.

Sealant, wires and other repair items are running short. 
Entertainment:Campy movies in Serenity lounge. Drinks available at The Bucket. Crappy video games (Superman 64, for instance) available for play in Serenity lounge. Spacesuits available for checkout for spacewalks. Swimming pool available in aquatic habitat. Shuttles going to and from Antivesuvio.
Fay'lia:Normal state of searching for station, portraying station as terrorists, aggresively expanding empire. Currently at least three (player character) spies on Fay'lia payroll on board station. One Fay'lia ambassador and possibly two guards killed by stationites in recent conflict over the kidnapping of Tavros Nitram. Dozens of stationites and allies also killed. 

In <a href=>current log</a>, meeting with Fay'lia artists sympathetic to resistance.
Ongoing Plots:
  • The second episode of Freedom Deliverer Robin, the station's propaganda magical girl series is being produced. Actors and those with technical skills are needed. 
  • Meteo Spiderbeam is dead, apparently killed in the Fay'lia attack. Investigation will reveal evidence that he was lured to a high risk area though.
  • The station, especially those who were on the mission to Cat Planet, has been called up as witnesses by the MHB (Fay'lia secret police), for a trial set to begin soon. Should the stationites honor their agreement with the Fay'lia, even though it was made under duress? 
  • Fay'lia sympathizers wish to meet with members of the resistance on <a href=>Planck</a>. Unfortunately they're obnoxiously arty hipsters. There are agents among them. Can you tolerate them long enough to get any useful information out of them?