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The station has visited many places in the multiverse. This post is a record of the universes visited and also a place to suggest others to go to.

Use this form to suggest new universes to visit. To suggest a plotline that doesn't take place on a planet, no form is needed.


Ard (the Planet of Hats)

Tag(s): [planet of hats]

Description of universe: Ard has a level of technology equivalent approximately to the 1930s. Social norms on Ard mandate the wearing of hats any time one would wear clothes. Hats can express a variety of moods and the wearer's socioeconomic status. The planet's just been through a war that ended inconclusively between Havronnie, a capitalist republic which blends English, American and Dutch influences and the Shentstray Collektiver Union, a state capitalist/collectivist nation. The populace of Havronnie feels that their leadership sold them out to dangerous foreign elements. The economy has taken a downturn and cultural minorities are being blamed. Into this volatile atmosphere has stepped the xenophobic, social darwinist Nazi expy Geelkruis (Yellow Cross) party, a street level fascist organization gaining an increased number of supporters.

Summary of events: The scout team arrived first, HALO dropping into the forest before heading out into the countryside to confirm the accuracy of the information they'd been given so far. The others followed by a more conventional drop and all headed towards the capitol of Jansport. There they helped to build up the band led by Iwasawa called Girls Dead Monster. During several of their performances, there was tension between the Geelkruisers and police and supporters of Prime Minister Haarm Hubert.

In the meantime, due to the money they'd brought running out, everyone was forced to hustle using their innate talents.

A tour for the group of the Grotekopel (Golden Dome), the seat of political power, was used by Horo to drop a radio transmitter into a water bowl. The station then bombarded Prime Minister Huubert with inescapable messages, causing him to eventually relent and agree to meet with the negotiating team.

Meanwhile, Girl's Dead Monster was playing their biggest show yet. Halfway through, they used holoprojectors to spill the beans about the multiverse to the crowd. Realizing that if he didn't side with the resistance his reputation as a slave to foreign interests would be unshakable, Prime Minister Hubert reluctantly agreed to side with the Resistance. This was fortunate as the station had detected a Fay'lian scout fleet 12 hours away. The team was hurriedly picked up, blueprints for advanced weapons dropped off on Ard and they quickly folded space out of there.

The Quiet Nebula and the Wrecked Ship

Location within the Hub Universe: far "northwest", in a little traveled area of space

Tag(s): [startide surprising]

Description: The Quiet Nebula is exactly what it says on the tin, a quiet nebula little frequented by starship traffic due to a lack of nearby gates. Strewn around is the wreckage of immense starships in an ancient style. The region is important in the history of the hub: about a century ago, a Fay'lian scout fleet came upon this area and encountered the creatures known only as Protean Berserkers. The scout fleet was wiped out and it took a fleet of elite Fay'lian technomagical legionnares to send the creatures fleeing. Unfortunately, using the captured scout vessels, they did, scattering all across the hub.

The Fay'lia have used this incident to justify their third wave of expansion, propagandising that anyone who does not help them is helping the Berserkers.

Summary of Events: The boarding teams boarded the wrecked ship, finding it to be built in a communal style and in a bad state of disrepair. There was a communal toilet, crusted with the remains of ancient sickness, from which samples were taken, sculptures, entertainment crystals, in short everything indicating that the residents intended to be here a while.

The teams proceeded to the lower level, encountering a crystal storage room and food bins. There they were attacked by a Protean Berserker, a shapeshifting creature. Meteo Spiderbeam and Kai Ri Lin were wounded in nonvital areas. The teams evaced, explosives were set around the ship. While the teams were stuck in quarantine, Spiderbeam was violently ill, unknowingly releasing pieces of the Berserker embedded in his body into his vomit.

The crew voted to destroy the ship. It was subsuquently blown up. However the Berserker pieces Spiderbeam had barfed up had been released into the station's waste disposal/recycling systems, where they coalesced, feeding off small creatures, and eventually several NPCs.

Eventually it attacked Nitori, taking a chunk out of her arm before being attacked in turn by Momiji, who was also nicked. It then seemingly fled, attacking Mary Weather next. Her training allowed her to evade it until she was rescued by Motoko Kusanagi. The combat personell, under the command of Vercybertrix, went hunting for it in the vicinity of BSL Lab 4 and the utility segments connected to it. It was eventually trapped by Motoko Kusanagi who had hacked the hatch system inside the habitat. Transferred to the most secure shipping container they could find, Vercybertrix posted guards around it.

Initial testing on the creature revealed similarities to the samples taken from the toilet on the ship.

Also, engineering staff did as much decryption as they could on the salvaged data crystals. After accidentally playing back porn her previous owner had bookmarked, Windows XP-tan revealed several interesting and cryptic statements by the crystal's original owner, blueprints for implements that resembled more primitive versions of Fay'lian magitech, and hidden among a bunch of corrupted data, a crudely copied in rendering of the crossed blades symbol found on the cryogenic capsules the station frequently picks up.

Iksilar (The "Primitive" Planet)

Tag: [suck it cameron]

Summary of Events: Next to replenish their stores of food, water and air, the crew came to the seemingly uninhabited planet of Iksilar. The crew touched down and immediately encountered amphibious, humanoid, indigenous sentients. There they met the Promise-Chief, the semi-elected leader of the local tribe. After some misunderstandings, they were taken back to the village where she explained their situation. They spent the night there. The next day, some of them went to Basking Rootwalla rock to relax. Tess ate some jerky she probably shouldn't have.

It was decided that the visitors and the tribe they were staying with would cooperate to their mutual benefit. They split into two groups. Group 1 headed towards the underwater caves beneath Basking Rootwalla rock, to investigate the strange ruins underneath. Inside, after hacking the door, they found a number of strange devices, somewhat like the ones they'd found in the quiet nebula. Seeming to sense their presence, the machine turned on, producing a psychic blast that severely impaired the brain functions of anyone with signifigant non-human aspects to their psychology and any Iksilari natives. Sah'ot was most strongly affected and would remain in a primitive, childish state of mind for days afterwards. They returned later to seal the entrance.

Meanwhile, at the cave entrance, a war band from a neighboring tribe had shown up. They believed that it was wrong to meddle with whatever was in those caves. Their leader was a human offworlder, from the planet Ard. Their informant was the Iksilari from the host tribe whose jerky Tess Lee had eaten.

Momiji challenged the rival tribe's promise-chief to a duel. They duelled. Protoman sensed that the rival promise-chief was using cybernetic enhancement and called this out, raising the stakes. Momiji won, killing the promise-chief. However at that moment the psychic blast from inside the cave was activated, debilitating many of the members of the party. The Iksilari holy man present managed to mitigate the effect with some of his psychic cultures and everyone eventually went back to their villages.

Meanwhile, outside of the host village, the locals had told the crew that there was a Fay'lia merchant in the new city/slum, a day's boat ride away. Their plan was to dress up Slobo (in statue form at the time) as a native idol and sell him to the Fay'lia in the hope that he would return to them or at least cause the Fay'lia some inconvienence. Which they dressed him up. Cain flirted with the Promise Chief, learning some of local politics. They then took statue!Slobo to the city (the new planetary "capitol", although the Fay'lia had not really stuck around to establish a government). There they succesfully pulled off their deception.

The next day it was time to say goodbye. An Iksilari boy confessed to a crush on Mary Weather. Tess provided the promise-chief with blueprints for more advanced tech and in the process learned that the promise-chief believed the ancestors of her people came from other universes, just like the crew. The whole crew was given a literal boatload of food by the natives in gratitude for their help in solving the mystery under Basking Rootwalla rock.