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OOC Voting System

Every mod decision in Entanglement can be overturned by vote of all the players. This includes app acceptance/rejection, banning, plot decisions...Anything. Mods may also be removed from modship by vote and new mods may be elected.

All decisions require a simple majority to overturn, except for bannings and the decision to impeach or elect a mod, both of which require 2/3 majority.

Rules of voting:

  1. DO NOT screw around with the system. Attempting bribes, threatening or harassing other players in order to get them to vote your way will result in immediate expulsion from the game.

  2. In order to begin a vote on a decision, the person bringing the issue to a vote must make two posts in the OOC comm. One post will be for the actual voting and must have VOTE in the subject line, followed by the topic. The other will be for discussion and will have DISCUSS in the subject line, followed by the topic.

  3. Once the vote has begun, voting will remain open until 11:59 PM ET, seven days after the voting post was put up.

  4. Players on hiatus may vote. Players removed from the game may not.

  5. Please be clear whether you are voting FOR or AGAINST in your subject line. Votes may be changed until the end of voting by deleting and reposting your vote.

  6. Once a vote has been made, the subject may not be brought up for a revote until 31 days after the original vote has ended.

  7. Voting is not anonymous. Sorry, but that's the only way to make it work. All VOTE and DISCUSS posts, however, must be friendslocked.

  8. Electing a player to modship is handled the same as any other vote.

Vote Subject: What should the second mission/adventure be?
  1. Go into the Quiet Nebula to investigate the truth about the Proteans. MYSTERIOUS WRECKED SHIP is probable.

  2. Wretched Hive Of Scum And Villainy type place. Lots of shady characters. If this option is taken, the food array will temporarily break down leading the station into having to get its food from a parasitical, alien equivalent of a ghetto corner store.

  3. Another planetary adventure.

  4. Meeting with a party of Ekumen allies who may or may not get blown up by the Fay'lian. May also meet a traitor Fay'lian.

  5. Other. Got an idea? Put it here.

      Post: Here
      Result: Option #1