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Station Residents

Efraim Claugh Tinstype: A little blustery man with a large moustache who is kind of skeevy and unlikeable but does amazing things with scientifically engineered phrasing. Rumors go around now and then that he's singlehandedly accomplished missions by turning running pub brawls on planets into armed revolutions. Currently the Recallable Head of Spreading the Truth of our Glorious Cause.
Enitan, Griot of Novaport: An older man of African origin with a long white beard. He walks with the aid of a powercane, and while wise, is fast approaching retirement age. Currently the Acting Temporary Commander with Immediately Recallable Authority Given Provisional Trust.
Glr'Brrrnglorp: A giant, sentient, uplifted, enhanced octopus developed by the Soviets in the future of the world of Command and Conquer: Red Alert. Due to grafts designed to allow her to sniff out allied ships with her tentacles, she is an excellent chef and does her best with the bricks, gross as they are. She is temperamental though and a bit of a prima donna. She cooks from a giant mobile tank. Currently the Coordinator of Nutrition with Special Emphasis Given to Nonstandard Dietary Needs.
Meteo Spiderbeam: A foppish space-dandy whose love of the ladies belies his skill with a laser pistol.
Mikael Sczynskir: A small-time modern wizard with little talent, but a skill for politics. Currently the Recallable Director of Magical Affairs.
Takeshi Yamashiro: An overworked average japanese salaryman who doesn't know crap about how much works on the station, but is good at forcing people to actually talk to each other. He runs back and forth all day making people actually work together and gets no respect from any group because he doesn't do any "work". Currently the Sentient Responsible for Effective Communication Between and Coordination Of Magical and Engineering Projects.
Throgdan, Magnar of the Black Plains A barbarian from the world of A Song of Ice and Fire, who speaks with a dialect nearly indecipherable even with a BabelFish but is always very jolly and likeable. Used to work as the ringmaster of a circus in the Free Cities. Currently the Recallable Curator of Crew Feeling.
Vercybertrix: A cyborg revival of Vercingetorix. Currently the Director of Temporary Violent Activities While in an Emergency State.
Zamfuter The Eldritch: A 1900s wizard with a side hobby of model railroads. People have to constantly stop him from lighting his pipes in compartments with poor air filters. Currently the Recallable Director of Engineering Projects.


Soldier-at-Peace: A representative of the Calibration of Harmonious Order. He's nice enough, but there's something... off... about him.
The Skirineen Dealer: A Skirineen from the world of Deadlock, this 'businessman' docks with the station periodically to sell food, accessories and cheap narcotics in his small ship. Naturally all of his prices are exorbitant and the food is cheap crap, but it still beats yet another attempt to make the food bricks appetizing.